5 Years Free Service Plan

In celebration of the brand’s 100th Anniversary, Mazda Philippines once again changes the customer care paradigm as a popular premium automotive brand by upgrading its industry-leading Free Periodic Maintenance Service coverage from 3 years to 5 years.

The 5-Year Free Service Plan follows the comprehensive maintenance and parts replacement schedule recommended by Mazda Japan. It includes the highest-grade Shell fully synthetic lubricant, all scheduled replacement parts, and labor costs. The total savings for the full 5-Year Free Service Plan ranges from Php 90,000 to Php 150,000 depending on the model. Mazda Philippines’ Free Service Plan continues to shield customers from budgeting and cost inflation concerns during the course of their ownership experience.

Plan your car maintenance ahead to secure a hassle-free driving experience.

The 2 Year Extended Maintenance Service Plan (EPMS) is a special offer to our valued customers. This will cover the cost of fourth and fifth year Preventive Maintenance Services (PMS) equivalent to 4 PMS visits starting from the 42nd month or 70,000km schedule whichever comes first.